Property Development

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As a multi-award-winning construction company, it was an easy decision to use our skills to undertake our own property development.  A step we have not regretted as it has given us better insight into the issues that property developers encounter and allowed us to develop an integrated range of property services. 

Location is the key to opening opportunities, swiftly followed by design, quality, and efficiency throughout the development process.  Improving returns on a property development by reviewing costs and undertaking a value engineering exercise is a significant contribution to making the outcome a successful one.


Whatever stage you are at, you can find everything you need in one place to plan and build your next property development.


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Are you a landowner? 

Perhaps you are considering selling a plot of land that you own but are not sure where you can get the best return.  We can create the opportunity for you to improve the value of your land and combine resources to develop the land to its maximum value.  We offer various options such as an unconditional sale, a sale ‘subject to planning’ or a Joint Venture. The latter providing a better return to both parties.  

Joint ventures with landowners 

We can share our specialist knowledge and join forces to undertake Joint Ventures.   

If you chose the option of  a sale ‘subject to planning’, you maximise the value of the land once the planning permission is granted.   

If you select a Joint Venture, you have the advantage of keeping the land in the deal and then receive a higher premium once the site has been developed and all the units are sold. 

Joint ventures with other property developers 

If you are already a property developer, why would you want to do a Joint Venture with another property development company? 

It is an opportunity to reduce the risk on a development as you are sharing the financial and operational risks but also sharing expertise.  So, if you have not done a type of development before, it makes sense to work with someone who has already done a similar project. 

Joint ventures with investors 

Based on all our expertise, we also attract lenders who want a trusted partner in a property development project.  We work with investors who are looking for healthy returns in the traditional brick and mortar industry.