Building Construction in London & Surrey

Are you ready to build?


If you have found your plot of land, undertaken a feasibility study, obtained the planning permission for your scheme, and checked your costings, you are ready to build.  The build phase is a critical stage and so take time to choose your main contractor.  It is a major decision and you are looking for the right expertise and company with whom you can trust to work alongside you in building the properties within your scheme.  

 Choosing a building contractor can be a complex process but we can guide you through the steps with expert advice so that you can feel confident in the choice you make of main contractor to deliver the project. 


Whatever stage you are at, you can find everything you need in one place to plan and build your next property development.


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How to find a reliable construction contractor? 

Firstly, you need to decide how you are going to choose the contractor.  Here are some options:  

  • Set up a tender process 

You can consider an open option or a restricted option.  The advantage of an open option is that you advertise a tender opportunity and any interested contractor can apply.  Alternatively, you can restrict the option by inviting a number of selected contractors to tender which does save on the administrative work. 

  • Use someone recommended to you by a reliable source

Although you will not have direct experience of their work you are taking a ‘word of mouth’ recommendation from someone who has worked with them.  If they pass your pre-selection checks, you can start negotiations of the terms of the contract. 

  • Use a contractor you have worked with on other projects.

You will already have a good working knowledge of this contractor so you can ask them to provide you with a tender and negotiate the contract. 

Planning your procurement process 

Having decided on your tender procedure, you are ready to prepare your project brief which will include your project objectives, creating a list of responsibilities, a quality policy, and the procurement method. 

So, for example, are you allowing each contractor to submit tender pricing in their own format or will you have a Bill of Quantities prepared from the drawings for an easier price comparison between tenders. 

Ready to go 

Having carefully worked you way through the selection process and appointed the best contractor for your specific project, you are ready to translate your drawings into reality. 

Before you press the ‘start’ button, review the schedule with your main contractor.  Communication is so important at every stage, so ensure that your building contractor is clear about your expectations 

Our Kisiel Build team have the knowledge and experience to deliver a whole range of designs.  They are experienced in constructing all styles of building and offering more than a good quality build, our specialists will focus on their areas of expertise completing each stage in line with the programme.   

The right solutions 

Delivering the right solutions is what our Kisiel Project team thrive on.  Focussing on your needs of delivering your project on time, within budget and to a standard of quality, they will balance these three aspects and expertly manage the construction process. 

It would be unrealistic to expect that you will not encounter some problems as the build progresses.  You can, however, expect the Kisiel Project team to anticipate issues, search for solutions and provide you with options, often before you are even aware that there might be a problem.  This saves you time and enables you to make informed decisions, avoiding delays as the project progresses.   

It gives confidence that the project is being well managed because this attitude is consistent throughout the lifetime of the project – from the commencement on site to practical completion and beyond.   

After all, the ambition of the Kisiel Build and the Kisiel Project teams are that you will want to work with them on the next project and they understand the importance to you of making the whole experience a positive and rewarding one.