Construction Cost Consultancy

Your Trusted Partner for Cost Consultancy on your Project


With the right cost consultancy expertise at your side you can identify risks, anticipate obstacles, challenge costs, monitor expenditure, and maximise the return on your investment.

To be able to grow your business and invest in your next construction project, your current venture needs to be vigorously assessed to meet your cost requirements and to enable you to achieve successful outcomes.


Whatever stage you are at, you can find everything you need in one place to plan and build your next property development.


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Our approach

As specialist construction cost consultants, we have all the knowledge and expertise you expect to help you achieve your desired outcomes.  We are passionate about achieving a good return on any investment opportunity for our clients.

Our team will challenge assumptions and work with you to identify the elements to make your construction project profitable.  However, we will also be candid if the project is not going to deliver to expectations so that you do not waste time but move on to the next profitable construction project.

Our skills of commercial awareness, cost planning, quantity surveying, project management and construction experience provides a good mix to cover all aspects of cost management on the project.

With enthusiasm and tenacity as cost consultants in the UK, we have a pro-active approach at each stage of the process.

We will

  • analyse the details,
  • scrutinise the data,
  • research alternatives,
  • apply construction cost controls,
  • and present objective advice to provide you with the confidence to proceed with the venture.
Our Services

As a first step our cost consultant will undertake an in-depth review of the principles of the project to verify the requirements are fully understood at commencement.

An essential part of any venture is to establish at the early stages if the project is viable.  Our cost consultants in the UK work to identify feasible options which then assist in the development of the project brief.  This is a comprehensive study reviewing project specific issues which include, but are not limited to, planning, environmental impact, statutory requirements, site appraisals, number of units and procurement options.

As cost consultants, we are also keen to ensure that the design facilitates the ease of construction.  Obstacles, oversights, and omissions in the design are identified before the commencement of construction to prevent delays and overruns on construction costs during the build.

Our focus is on the value over cost, so that unwanted costs are eliminated whilst the function and quality are improved so that each construction project will give the maximum performance for the money invested.

Our cost management plan will detail the costs for all activities so that the project costs can be planned, analysed, and controlled to ensure the optimum level of funding is put in place.

Risks can be of different types: some will be inherent in all projects and some are unique to the project proposal arising out of various factors that will influence the investment on the construction project.  We will identify risks and calculate the degree of impact.  Advice is then given by our cost consultant on avoiding or mitigating the risks specific to the project.

As part of a tender service, our construction cost consultants can prepare a bill of quantities which enables you to assess the different tenders more easily from different building contractors.