New Build Contractor

As a new build contractor, Kisiel Group aims to help developers create new projects and provides construction services for houses, apartments and other residential properties. Our new build advice and construction service offers you the chance to make a positive impact, whilst making use of the budget you have at your disposal.

Our Kisiel build team knows how to deliver the best design for your new build construction. As experts in the field, we are aware of delivering projects within a specific timescale and follow ‘lean construction’ principles to increase productivity. 

We will manage your construction process and communicate the perfect solutions at each stage of the process. Our focus is to keep the schedule on track and deliver your construction project to a high standard with minimal disruption. Not to mention, helping you get planning permission which allows you to start your project in the first place.

Still, our primary goal is to assist you with project management. With a lack of expertise, you could incur unnecessary costs. We provide a comprehensive understanding of construction project management and can guide you through all eight stages such as inception, feasibility, strategy, pre-construction, construction, testing and commissioning, completion and handover and post-completion.

 During the inception, we will outline the requirements and constraints for the project and clarify what will be delivered in the final building as well as the agreed budget. Next, we would conduct a feasibility study to determine whether your project is profitable and if you can obtain sufficient funding.

 Then comes the strategy, planning is essential before the physical construction process. We will go through how the project will be managed to meet the objective you set in the inception stage. As a developer, you will be given an Employer’s requirement document which consists of an overview, survey reports and health and safety compliance.

 At this point, you are almost ready to begin construction, but first you need a pre-construction plan. We ensure all statutory and legal consents are obtained, the health and safety plan is updated and the tender process is established.

 After this phase construction begins, our team will start to engage in the building process and materials will be delivered to your site. Our project manager will coordinate all the activities through the project team such as regular progress reports, managing changes and keeping a record of construction works.

 Now your structure is being built, we ensure your building is performing to the original design by doing a variety of tests such as static, dynamic and performance. The results indicate whether certificates can be issued.

 The penultimate stage of completion and handover involves making sure that contract works are completed, building regulations are signed off, planning consents have been compiled in full and a Certificate of Practical Completion is received.

 Finally, we assist you with post-completion at the end of the Construction Management Process. We double check that the building has been delivered to meet the Project Mandate. All accounts are agreed and settled, and then we archive all the project documentation.

We are also open to joint ventures where we are happy to work with a property developer by offering our vast years of experience for a specific project. Or if you are an investor we can manage the construction of a project and then provide a healthy return on your investment.

Here is a list of the services we provide as a new build property developer:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Planning Permissions
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Consultancy
  • Property Development

Our New Build Services

 Kisiel Group provides a range of new build services that are scalable and meet your requirements. It doesn’t matter if you want to build on land behind houses or a row of garages or build luxury homes on brownfield sites, we have the skills, expertise and experience to produce your desired result.

 We also undertake value engineering to increase function and simultaneously reduce costs to enhance the project value. By adding value to a project before it starts or once it has started, we can help deliver within budget and timescale, while maintaining high-standards.

Our New Build Construction Process

At Kisiel Group, we have a thorough new build construction process. Firstly, we look at your site, the chances of gaining planning permission and the time frame required to build the property development.

Next, we start to plan the construction by liaising with the architects in our team and creating schedules. Once we have planned our new structure we begin the demolition of any old properties existing on the site which includes getting rid of any harmful substances like asbestos identified in the land surveys.

Then we are able to start the construction phase continuing to follow the principles of construction management which takes us through the various stages until handover of the finished properties to the developer.

As a new build contractor who won a ‘London House Builder Award 2021’ and a chartered building company, you can be assured of phenomenal service and beautiful new residential properties.



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