Saving local football club

Kisiel volunteers step in to help in local community

On a crisp frosty morning last Saturday, 25th November 2017, a number of the team from Kisiel Group volunteered to turn up early to spend the day working on the much needed improvements to the Raynes Park Vale Football Club (RPVFC) grounds.

RPVFC approached us, as a local building company, when they were told that the grounds would have to close at the end of 2017 if they did not undertake essential ground repair works. As Lukasz Kisiel strongly believes in supporting the local community, he saw this as a great opportunity to save the football club from being forced to leave the League and to improve the local environment for other members of the public who use the surrounding area for recreational activities.

Organising the team of volunteers, supplying over 100 metres of fencing and arranging for rubbish to be removed from the grounds, Lukasz ensured that the works would be completed before the deadline. While Kisiel Group volunteers won the war with the brambles, the RPVFC team won their away match 4 – 1 against Ash United.

Paul Bentley, the local Football Club Chairman, explains ‘We owe them everything’.

It was Front Page news on this week’s edition of the local newspaper, The Local Guardian. It was also published on-line and here is a link to the Local Guardian Wimbledon News.