Living safely in your home

Filming for an anti crime social media campaign

Everyone wants to be able to live safely in their own homes and Kisiel Group only wish to build a home that meets this requirement. It is always important to consider security from the start of a project. A secure home is often taken for granted but at Kisiel Group we make sure that this element is included in the designs, even if it is not expressly requested by a client.

Having won a Gold Award for security on one of our projects, Kisiel Group were asked by the Metropolitan Police if they could do some filming at the project for an autumn anti-burglary campaign. The campaign was aimed at homeowners in the London area giving them tips on making their homes secure.

The campaign, entitled Be Safe is being launched on social media to co-incide with the change of the clocks at the end of October when the early evenings are darker and there is a greater risk of burglary.

The Met Police are ‘urging Londoners to remain vigilant and to continue to make all efforts to keep their homes and belongings safe. It is also important to go beyond just securing front doors and windows, and to look at other ways you can make your property less attractive to burglars.’