Finding Solutions

How to get a 200Kg glass panel to an 8th floor apartment

How do you move a 200 Kg bespoke panel of glass (measuring over 2 metres in height and 1.70 metres in width) and install it on the 8th floor of an apartment block? This was no joke but a logistic nightmare.

The first challenge

The designs for the complete renovation of a 2 bed apartment included a panel of glass between the kitchen and hallway. As this was being installed on the 8th floor of an apartment block it needed to meet vigorous fire regulations for the safety of the occupants.

The first challenge was to find a supplier who could produce the large size bespoke glass panel to the required specification. Our procurement team spent hours searching, and successfully found the only supplier who could undertake the manufacture.

The second challenge

Next, we had to find a way to get the large panel up to the 8th floor on the block. The supplier came to survey the site and discuss options.

As access through the building was not considered viable, it was agreed that a crane would be hired and the glass would be lifted up the outside of the block. Removing a window in the hallway outside the apartment, the panel would be carefully manoeuvred through the window. The final stage of the operation would be to manually carry it in through the front door.

What could possibly go wrong?

After all the careful planning, on the delivery day the glass panel arrived and the operation started with the setting up of the crane. Despite the initial site survey, it was found that the reach of the crane was not sufficient to get the glass to the height required. The delivery had to be aborted and the glass taken away by the supplier for safe storage.

Back to the drawing board

The process was reviewed. A larger crane was not an option. So, access through the building was again considered.

The only option was to manually carry the glass panel through to a stairwell and winch it up the floors between the stair railings – with millimetres clearance. A truly exacting and delicate manoeuvre.

Perseverance pays off


The Kisiel team never give up until a solution is found. Although it was an option to change the design, this is not what the client wanted in the late stage of the project. So, creative thinking and perseverance really did pay off!

We were going back to the drawing board at one stage but you were quite confident that you would still be able to deliver. I wasn’t so sure if I am honest – but now with the end result you certainly did make it happen.”

Client comment